The UK Government has published the Coronavirus Bill which will give the government emergency powers to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. The proposed legislation is wide ranging and gives the government powers that it possibly has not had since the Second World War.

included in the powers is:

Emergency registration of nurses, other health care professionals, pharmaceutical chemists and social workers.
Provisions for emergency volunteering leave and compensation for emergency volunteers
Temporary modification of mental health law
Health service indemnification
Registration of death and still births (including confirmatory medical certificate not required for cremation).
Appointment of temporary judicial commissioners and amendments of time limits
Powers over the food supply
Suspension of requirements to hold an inquest with a jury.
Powers to close educational establishments
Legislation on statutory sick pay
Legislation on NHS pension schemes
Legislation on Public Health powers in Northern Ireland and Scotland
Powers to suspend port operations
Powers relating to potentially infectious persons
Powers relating to events, gatherings and premises
Powers to use video and audio in courts and tribunals
Powers relating to the transportation and disposal of dead bodies
Powers to postpone elections, referendums etc.
Powers regarding National Insurance Contributions.

The legislation is time limited to two years. s83(5)(a).