PayPal have announced a change to their refund policy:
We recently updated our User Agreement in selected markets to reflect changes to our refund policy. As of March, 5th 2020, these changes will go into effect globally. In line with industry practice and according to our updated policy, we will not charge a fee to process refunds, however fees from the original transaction will not be returned. This policy will not apply to duplicate transactions or voids. You can review the PayPal User Agreement for more information on our return policies. We take changes to our User Agreement very seriously and only adjust our policies when we are confident the changes are fair and aligned with the value that our services provide to your business. If you have questions about any of these changes or your account, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you for being a PayPal customer. We value your business and look forward to continuing to help you grow and succeed in the future.
This comes shortly after an update to GoCardLess’s fee charging policy.