Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has told Chancellor Rishi Sunak to ignore the “whinging” European Commission – and deliver a Brexit which gets Britain “match-fit” for Brexit.

Writing on the Politics Home website, Mr Davis said of Mr Sunak, who replaced Sajid Javid last month: “He has to help get the country match-fit for Brexit. New deals to encourage research and tax breaks to encourage exports, should be high on the agenda.

“We are still one of the best places in the world to do business, and he should reinforce that reputation.

“In doing so, he should ignore the whinging of the European Commission. It always struck me as amusing that the Commission complained about “unfair competition” when their President, Jean-Claude Juncker, had been both Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Luxembourg, which has long been one of the EU’s leading tax havens, with Ireland and the Netherlands.

“So we should ignore them and do what is squarely in the national interest.”